6 Free Drinks

At all 6 Bar Crawl locations, you will receive a FREE drink!  Beers, Mixed Drinks or shots will be served at all locations…with different options available at each place.

Successful Living

Work hard, and play harder!!  5 Days of Work…and now it’s time to play.  Well rounded, highly functional and successful people…recognize the need for rest and deserve some adult beverages. 

After Party

The party don’t stop…we’ve only just begun.  At midnight, everyone will receive Free Admission to Banko Cantina to dance the night away on the Rooftop.  Pace yourself, because this party goes all night 🙂 

Crawl Squad

Crawl friends are the best friends… Bring your besties, and make some new ones while you crawl West Palm’s Clematis Street!!  Buy 4 – Get Squad Discount.